I'm passionate about the relationship between sustainable design and entrepreneurship. 
By building new products and services we can create new value and solves problems. 
I like to work fast and keep things lean - anything which does not deliver value to the customer is waste
Here is an interview of my perspectives: 
Having travelled to mainland China twice whilst working with startups at the Central Research Laboratory I continually strive to improve the design for manufacture and sustainability. 

Some projects I've worked on:

Design Experience:
Currently working Freelance with startups on projects ranging from brain stimulation to skin care.
Central Research Laboratory / Plus X - Product development Lead- 2019- 1 Year
Central Research Laboratory -  centralresearchlaboratory.com - Product design Intern - 2018- 1 Year
Studio Make Believe - studiomakebelieve.com - Industrial design Intern - 2017 - 3 Months
Brunel University - Industrial Design - First with Hons - BA - 2015-2020
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